Ondaground Productions is a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company that delivers original and syndicated quality programming and media services to its clientele and audiences alike.


Video Production

Our specialized production services are responsible for every aspect of producing television and film content. ONDAGROUND PRODUCTIONS oversees all dealings regarding all projects under our banner.

Theatre and Live Entertainment

We organize and oversee every aspect of these productions to ensure consistency in quality and delivery. Every show is designed to be different and burn an everlasting imprint on all our audiences and clients alike.

Recording and Post Production

In the audio visual world a quality end product is always accompanied by quality technology and knowledge, we boast some of the latest technology available in the market today ensuring that all our content is of world class quality.


Boy Wonder

With more aliases than James Bond, this multifaceted performer most known as “BOY Wonder has been dubbed a “jack of all trades” by his fellow colleagues and affiliates in the industry. 

He is able to transform himself from a “kick ass” street performer, mime, MC, comedian, rapper, theatrical stage performer to mainstream television actor with effortless ease. 

As an all service entertainment company ONDAGROUND PRODUCTIONS is the go to place when looking for convergence and quality content and production




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